Andrew Pilkington – Zeno Films

Producer, Model, Boston Sports Fan, New Yorker, Film Buff, and Advocate.

Talia Campbell – Program Director

Aerialist, Knitter, Neuroscientist, Laundry Enthusiast, Lifeguard, and Hiker.

Rachael “Red Spice” Skinder – Administrative Assistant

Word Searcher, Scientist, Reader, Bowler, Party Animal, and Data Specialist. 

Emily Sundstrom – Program Director

Artist, Dog Mom, Rock Climber, Tap Dancer, Organizer, and Vermonter.

Vanessa Halby – Founder

Doula, Singer, Antiquer, Mother, Snowboarder, and Interior Designer.

Will Halby – Founder

Father, Drummer, Friend of Bill’s, Sauna Czar, Skier, and Welder.

Ila Halby – Founder

Occupational Therapist, Yogi, Mother, Ocean Enthusiast, Tea Lover, and Athlete.

Peter Halby – Founder

Guitarist, Father, Weather Enthusiast, Trash Collector, Bus Driver, and Surfer.