Vanessa Halby – Founder

Vanessa, a white woman with long wavy dark hair, smiles at the camera.  She's outside, wearing a floral dress and standing against a wall. The picture is black and white.


Doula, Singer, Antiquer, Mother, Snowboarder, and Interior Designer.

Will Halby – Founder

Will, a white man wearing a leopard-print bomber hat, smiles at the camera. He's outside, hugging two giant teddy bears and his young daughter.


Father, Drummer, Friend of Bill’s, Sauna Czar, Skier, and Welder.

Ila Halby – Founder

Ila, a white woman with shoulder-length brown hair, smiles at the camera. She's sitting on the hood of the Zeno bus with her arm around a young man with Down Syndrome. Both are wearing 60s-style costumes and holding up peace-signs.


Occupational Therapist, Yogi, Mother, Ocean Enthusiast, Tea Lover, and Athlete.

Peter Halby – Founder

Peter, a white man with short dark hair, smiles at the camera. He stands in front of the Zeno bus, wearing a white striped t-shirt.


Guitarist, Father, Weather Enthusiast, Trash Collector, Bus Driver, and Surfer.