Andrew Pilkington – Zeno Films

Andrew, a white man in a wheelchair, smiles at the camera. He's outside, wearing a gingham button-up over a white t-shirt and jeans.


Producer, Model, Boston Sports Fan, New Yorker, Film Buff, and Advocate.

Talia Campbell – Program Director

Talia, a white woman with short, dark curly hair, smiles at the camera.  She sits outside in a field of flowers with a friend, a small redhead with Down Syndrome, in her lap.


Aerialist, Knitter, Neuroscientist, Laundry Enthusiast, Lifeguard, and Hiker.

Rachael “Red Spice” Skinder – Administrative Assistant

Rachael, a white woman with straight red hair and Down Syndrome, smiles at the camera.  She is outside and holding a clapperboard for the filming of one of Zeno's movies.


Word Searcher, Scientist, Reader, Bowler, Party Animal, and Data Specialist. 

Emily Sundstrom – Program Director

Emily, a white woman with long, dark curly hair, smiles at the camera. She's outside on the sand dunes, wearing hiking gear and a backpack.


Artist, Dog Mom, Rock Climber, Tap Dancer, Organizer, and Vermonter.