Frequently Asked Questions

No. But, really. What is Zeno?

Zeno is a nonprofit that hosts camps and retreats for people with disabilities, veterans, people with TBI, people in the cancer community, people with chronic illness and people in recovery.  These gatherings are typically 5 days, except the summer camp which is a month long.

How do I get involved?

Zeno is a big family and we work hard to find a way to include new friends. Feel free to contact us or come to an event.  We always welcome meeting people who are interested in Zeno. Let’s start a conversation!

Is it really a farm?

We are not a working farm, but the property used to be an orchard and we wanted to keep some of the history in our new name.  

How can I contribute in other ways besides attending a camp/retreat?

There are so many ways to plug in! We always need more cooks and nurses, and we also always need help during our work weekend when we fix and clean up our facility in preparation for the spring and summer.  Please reach out if you have a skill you think would benefit our community, we’d love to get you involved!

But when is Zeno? 

We host many retreats throughout the year! Our biggest camp is during the month of July, but then we have something planned for almost every other month.

How do you raise money? 

Most of the funding comes from individual donors and about a quarter of our support comes from foundations. We raise money at large community events where original Zeno movies or musicals take place. Zeno is a 501 c(3) non-profit, and does not receive any federal or state funding. Zeno is not tied to any religious organization.