Financial Statement

Traditionally, the pitch to raise money for places like Zeno Mountain Farm has been in the “Jerry Lewis model”, where people are asked to help the less fortunate. We do not believe this is a model that respects the dignity of the members of the Zeno community. We ask people to give to Zeno because they want places like Zeno to exist in the world. We do not charge anyone to attend a camp and we do not sell anything. (Maybe T-shirts and schwag occasionally). All of the camps, buildings, movies, and costs are covered by donations from people who believe in what we do and want to be a part of it.

Money is raised primarily through the grass roots. We believe that getting a lot of small donations rather than a few big ones is more sustainable. We do a lot of movie screenings and parties to raise money and meet new people. We also put on an annual dance marathon in October. If you are interested in getting involved- Joining the dance marathon is the best!

We LOVE our donors! They are the most generous and loyal people a non-profit could ever dream to have. Most of our donors have been giving for years and years. Above all, we want our people to get the “it” of what we do. Our job is to work hard and earn every dollar with the best camps on the planet.