So great to be back in person! Zeno summer 2021 #colorwars

ID: [a group of 35 people with and without disabilities dressed in rainbow colors smile in front of green mountain and pergola]

Join us for a free screening of Best Summer Ever at 8PM on June 25th on the Bristol Rec Field in Bristol, VT. We cannot wait to share this movie with you!


[ID: A photo of the Best Summer Ever poster featuring Sage, a white woman, and Tony, a black man, smiling at one another. Stylized text at the bottom reads "Best Summer Ever," and underneath that it says "Free Outdoor Community Screening. Everyone is Welcome! Doors at 8 PM on June 25th. Bristol Rec Field"]

Link in bio to check out @bestsummerevermovie 🌻

[Image Description: the best Summer Ever logo surrounded by quotes about the film from articles from @nytimes @hollywoodreporter @variety @usatoday @indiewire @forbes]

Best Summer Ever is available on your favorite platforms as of today! LINK IN BIO to watch 🌻#bestsummerevermovie #zenomountainfarm ...

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