Welcome to Zeno Mountain Farm

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Our mission is one of perpetuity.

Everyone in the Zeno Family will have a place to convene for the rest
of their lives…and for generations and generations after that.

We Believe...

that the most important thing in the whole world to
us human beings is friendship, community, and the
knowledge that we matter to each other.

We Want To...

make certain that everyone who comes to Zeno
has full access to these things—regardless.

Zeno is a Community

who move, think, speak, act, dance, perform, and contribute in
wonderfully unique ways. we actively embrace this diversity and strive
to celebrate each other through art and adventure in every form.

We Are Built

on the growing support that we receive from the
thousands of people who get the “it” of Zeno. You come
to our films and cheer us on in the 4th of July parade.

You give what you can so we can continue our
mission and we are grateful.